Focus on your business - We do the laundry

As a service provider, we adapt to your needs. We offer laundry service with pickup and delivery for various industries:

  • Hospitality and restaurants
  • Healthcare: Medical practices, nursing and day care
  • Hairdressers and other body-related services
  • Day care centers
  • Craft (e.g., plumbing, gardening)
  • Gyms and sports clubs

Do you operate a holiday apartment? We've got the solution for your laundry!

Your guests will love our bed linen and towels:

  • We wash and iron the laundry and take care of pickup and delivery
  • The linen meets the highest quality standards
  • You pay less than 3.40 eureos per kilogram
clean white folded down duvet

Locations in different cities?

Unser Wäscheservice mit Paketversand kann komfortabel deutschlandweit genutzt werden.

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