Deutschlandweiter Waschservice Für Flachwäsche: Tischdecken, Servietten, BETTWÄSCHE und andere Flachwäsche

Lieferung und Abholung über DHL – professionelle Wäschepflege inklusive Bügeln oder Mangeln

  • Tischdecken
  • Servietten
  • Bed linen
  • Geschirrtücher
  • Stoffschürzen

Simply put it in a box, stamp it with our parcel label and hand it over to DHL.

Es funktioniert ganz einfach

1. Booking

You book the laundry service on our website. We will send you a returns label with the confirmation (no printer required!).

2. Packing

Fill a box with your laundry and seal it securely.


Hand the parcel to a DHL delivery agent or a DHL drop-off point and show them our booking confirmation for franking.

4. Waschen und mangeln

We wash and iron the laundry carefully. At the end everything is neatly folded.

5. Delivery

You receive the laundry box with the freshly washed laundry from the parcel carrier.

Save your time

WirWaschen takes care of the laundry - simply put it in a box and hand it over to DHL

Shipping with DHL

You will receive a parcel label from us by e-mail (no printer required). You can use this to stamp the laundry parcel and send it to us.

Fair pricing

Abrechnung nach Gewicht - 6,99€ pro kg. Du kannst heute buchen, ohne die genaue Wäschemenge zu kennen.

Professional laundry service

Wir waschen und mangeln die Wäsche und falten sie sorgfältig

Our fair pricing

Flat linen: washing, ironing & folding

Hinweis: Der Preis entspricht etwa 1,90-2,10€ für eine Tischdecke mit 110cm Länge und Breite (abhängig vom Stoffgewicht)

Pickup and delivery


€4.99 each for delivery and return

Minimum order value


Customer Love: What People Are Saying About Us

WirWaschen GmbH
Based on 74 reviews
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P. LoefflerP. Loeffler
18:32 25 May 24
Excellent communication - whether by phone or email -, punctual collection and delivery of the laundry by a very friendly employee... What more could you want?I strongly recommend the services of WirWashen!
18:47 24 May 24
I've gotten to know a lot of companies in my life, but everyone else can learn a lesson from this one!!! It's not every day that you meet such lovely, reliable and friendly people. The laundry was picked up and returned on time, the driver was great and my questions were answered carefully... I thought it was a bit complicated but everything was understood and taken care of without any problem. Here you can have 100% trust out there, everything runs really perfectly!Infinitely grateful!!!Angelica R.I wish Team Washing all the best!!!Thanks
kaya kanbaykaya kanbay
09:59 15 May 24
Very easy to book appointments, absolutely reliable and small time windows for collection and delivery. Laundry results absolutely fine. Highly recommended 🙂
Andrea SchlotterbeckAndrea Schlotterbeck
04:45 04 May 24
Because of two broken hands, I was looking for a laundry company that would also pick up and return my bed linen. The experience with WirWashen was simply great: very friendly, very uncomplicated and to the point, from the first telephone contact to the cheerful delivery in the evening to the 3rd floor without an elevator. The first choice of time for collection and delivery - which was possible until late in the evening - was later further narrowed down and the payment method was very simple. Given the many lousy service experiences recently, an all-round positive experience! I'll come back to it!
Udo DieteUdo Diete
15:32 03 May 24
Great service, punctual collection and delivery, gladly again.
Noah BrickNoah Brick
09:51 03 May 24
Kathleen McNamara-HsuKathleen McNamara-Hsu
11:31 25 Apr 24
Great experience, so easy to use and fair price for a needed service! Will pick up and drop off at your hotel, and they understand English. Highly recommend.
Sallem BalochSallem Baloch
14:48 24 Apr 24
Hi sir I'm Laundry man Laundry vacancy available my WhatsApp number 92304 329 415 0
Ronald UhlichRonald Uhlich
05:27 20 Apr 24
I am very pleased. Uncomplicated, punctual delivery and delivery, good washing performance, fair price.
Michael WenzelMichael Wenzel
10:24 11 Apr 24
I'm really positively surprised at how well everything worked out.My laundry was picked up and returned at the time I requested, clean and folded in a large new bag.Will use this super 👌service again.
Anna IvanovaAnna Ivanova
12:39 08 Apr 24
Great service! Quick, nice, and clear communication over email, pick up and delivery on time. The laundry looks good. The only concern I had was that the laundry was not weighed at pick up, so I learnt how much I would have to pay only on the day of the delivery, which was not convenient.
Sam GolebySam Goleby
18:31 28 Mar 24
Brilliant service thank you! Picked up and returned to our hotel. All clothes clean and fresh for the continuation of our trip. Danke!!!
Elizabeth DanaElizabeth Dana
11:17 18 Mar 24
This service is saving us while our washing machine is broken. Easy communication, on-time pickup and dropoff, and clean, nice-smelling clothes. Very satisfied!
Karen HarronKaren Harron
20:31 04 Mar 24
The team at WirWaschen in Berlin were ABSOLUTELY amazing! I am traveling and urgently needed my laundry done in a city I didn’t know. They came to the rescue, and did a fantastic job with my laundry. They were professional, courteous and great to deal with!
Marianna KarakostaMarianna Karakosta
00:35 03 Mar 24
I really wanted to love this service! After a broken washing machine and renovations in the apartment I thought I would give this service a try, especially after all the good reviews.The booking was easy, the emailing about the pick up time was really helpful. The person that came for the pickup and delivery was friendly and professional. The overall communication was also fine. They give you the option to pay before the delivery online or to pay hen you receive your clothes. I chose the first option. The clothes arrived folded properly and some woolen items were not completely dry, which I find really thoughtful as they use dryers.To be honest after checking the clothes, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed.I was missing the “ soft, fluffy, freshly washed clothes” feeling, that was mentioned in other reviews. I am aware that some items such as kitchen towels had some stains that they couldn’t come off after washing in 30 degrees. However there were others clothes with minor stains or body odor that my old Bauknecht was managing to remove in programs of 30 degrees. Anyway some clothes smell and look like clean, other is like they have been washed only with water and other just sprayed with textile spray. I am not sure if this is the effect after the dryer but I was expecting more, I was expecting help whereas I will have to wash them again just to be sure they are really clean. 😞😣
Roxana SadvokassovaRoxana Sadvokassova
15:03 25 Feb 24
great service, smooth and worry-free. Highly recommend.
Babou ArtixBabou Artix
09:18 24 Feb 24
Very pleasant first telephone contact with the managing director personally. Before picking up, the time window was narrowed down again by email, which we thought was great. The same thing happened with delivery - good service! The laundry came back quickly and in top condition. Clear recommendation!
Jessica MJessica M
09:11 22 Feb 24
Amazing! My washing machine was broken, and while waiting for the new one, I booked a service with them. The clothes came unbelievably soft and with a pleasant smell. Love it!!
Ja NaJa Na
09:52 13 Feb 24
I've used it several times and it's really a great service.You can book super quickly and flexibly, prices are super fair and everything arrives smelling great and folded :)The fact that you can pay online shortly beforehand on the day of “return” is also a great feature.
Nabid SarkerNabid Sarker
16:04 12 Feb 24
Chris GChris G
14:36 02 Feb 24
Great service, gave us a 1 hour time bracket. They picked up and dropped off with reception. Such a great service for travellers.
Helen FlemingHelen Fleming
08:27 23 Jan 24
A terrific and well-priced service. We were staying in Berlin and didn't want to use the hotel's expensive laundry service and there was no laundromat conventiently located near our hotel.WirWaschen's arrangements for pick up from and delivery to our hotel were seamless. They communicate what they will do each step of the way. Our clothes arrived back beautifully clean and folded. We would highly recommend WirWaschen GmbH! Thank you Felix and the WirWaschen team!
Tim MossTim Moss
14:04 13 Jan 24
WirWaschen is a great service. Easy to arrange pick-up of your laundry and they deliver back to your door. The turnaround time is excellent, usually next day.
pinelopi venpinelopi ven
23:01 12 Jan 24
Stefan WStefan W
16:13 11 Jan 24
Due to a broken washing machine before New Year's Eve, my wife and I looked for a service that would pick up the laundry, wash it and deliver it again. We were worried in advance because about half of the clothes are made of polyester and cannot be tumble dried. After a phone call with the owner, who told us that there hadn't been any problems with shrunken clothes or the like, we took a risk and simply handed over all the clothes except for our favorite items to be washed. The laundry was delivered the next morning and, as promised, all items of clothing were intact and not shrunk. The telephone contact was also extremely friendly and helpful.Of course I hope I don't have to use the service again, but if problems arise with the washing machine again in the future, it will definitely be my first choice 👍
Sally BSally B
08:20 08 Jan 24
Great service. Smooth pick up and delivery from our hotel.Half the cost of having the washing done at our 5 star hotel.Will be using this professional service again.
Thea AngelThea Angel
11:50 06 Jan 24
Due to a house fire, all of my clothes were contaminated. Luckily I found WirWashen. I was able to easily specify a desired pickup date and delivery online. The items were then picked up and delivered to your door on the requested delivery date. I am so grateful to have found such a great service in this situation and can only wholeheartedly recommend WirWashen to you. Thanks to the entire team. ❤️
Alexander NeffAlexander Neff
11:00 04 Jan 24
Almost felt too good to be true but like clockwork laundry was picked up the next morning and returned the morning after all shiney and clean (well maybe not shiney). Prices seemed good? Much cheaper than hotel dry cleaning
17:43 02 Jan 24
Absolute recommendation.No matter whether your own pile of laundry is a problem"killed" (machine broken, move,depression etc.) or because youTouri or xy = you get everything back sparkling clean, clean and very quickly and in such a way that you can put it away straight away. 1a!An idea / wish (not a criticism) from me would be, for example, the selectionof the detergent (scented, no scented, organic; fabric softener)...Mega nice team, nice service,10 out of 5 stars ♡
20:12 19 Dec 23
I’m so glad I found this company while on a long stay in Berlin. My hotel was going to take far too long to launder my clothes and I didn’t want to wait. They gave me fast and friendly service!
Agnieszka WierzbickaAgnieszka Wierzbicka
00:33 19 Dec 23
I didn't find this laundromat, no sign, nothing, it's a tragedy, I don't recommend it
Anna MAnna M
20:01 18 Dec 23
What an excellent service!! After weeks of travelling, I was in desperate need of a complete refresh of my travel wardrobe but also didn't want to spend time doing my washing while only having a few days in Berlin. I came across the WirWaschen service on Google and given the great reviews, decided to give them a go. They did not disappoint! It was SO convenient to have the service pick up my laundry from the hotel and drop it off the next day. The booking portal was easy to use and allowed me to choose a time window that suited me, with the driver delivering and picking up exactly as requested. My clothes were clean and smelled great when returned. Further, the pricing was excellent - I expected to pay much more and was pleasantly surprised by the final total. As a frequent traveller, I can only wish there were more WirWaschen's in other countries! I highly recommend using them if you are travelling and in need of some clean clothes - I will definitely use them again next time I'm in Berlin.
Excellent service. The clothes were properly washed and dried, pick up and delivery was smooth and on time.
Daniel EDaniel E
14:53 13 Dec 23
Really good and reliable
parvez ahmedparvez ahmed
20:55 09 Dec 23
13:00 08 Dec 23
Berlin is a tough place to get your clothes washed because many Berliners have laundry in their apartment buildings and so there are not many laundrymats. Wash and folds usually want a surprising amount of money per kg, as does your hotel. Facing this problem, I found this place online and it was as easy as advertised -- I emailed with some questions, got answers back, booked a pickup time, and they picked up everything, laundered it according to the instructions, and returned it. It was excellent! On the day of pickup, they even emailed early in the day with a more specific timeframe within the larger window I had originally selected. Same the next day when they were returning things. Laundry was well done, nicely folded, and didn't have a strong fragrance but was clean. If you are traveling, save up your laundry to use this service, because there is a minimum service charge that makes washing 10-13kg of laundry go furthest for your money.
Abigail WilliamsAbigail Williams
09:43 08 Dec 23
I will use again! Extremely smooth process, the team thinks of everything before I could even ask it, and was very prompt, precise and informative with their communication! Big smiles from the pick up and drop up team is a sweet bonus. I also appreciate how clearly the pricing is explained online.
Chris BrownChris Brown
08:38 08 Dec 23
Great laundry service in Berlin. Everything was communicated clearly and was convenient. I wish this service existed in all cities.
Purzel PidelwitschPurzel Pidelwitsch
11:31 04 Dec 23
Uncomplicated processing, good service, reasonable price - what more could you want?
Andy HoetzelAndy Hoetzel
06:30 24 Nov 23
“WeWashen” is an excellent idea! Ideal for car haters like me. They even pick up the heavy mattress covers and, of course, bed linen. Very slim and clear website. Super punctual delivery. It's just a shame that I can't think of anything that can be improved. Good luck to your young company!
mary colbertmary colbert
10:43 23 Nov 23
EXTRAORDINARY! My laundry was picked up timely, washed and folded perfectly, and returned at the promised time. The customer care I received was stellar with regular communication at each step of the process. As a foreigner with an extended stay, this service is so great, I’m using it again today! Thank you Felix for your professional and timely service!
Artur SchirmerArtur Schirmer
16:03 21 Nov 23
Camila HahnCamila Hahn
14:48 17 Nov 23
WirWaschen gave me a great service! 👏🏽 The online tool for booking works very well and the communication vía email is very clear. 💻I used it once when I got from a trip and had a big load to wash and not too much time. 👚 I booked it and they picked up the clothing the same day and brought it back to my house in 24 hours, clean and folded! And smelling very very good. 🧼The payment through the link the send vía email works great! 💯Recommended! 🙌🏽 (Just take into consideration the minimum required)
Sevim KoussianSevim Koussian
13:02 10 Nov 23
Simply great, picked up the laundry very punctually as agreed and the laundry came back very quickly as if ironed. Simply great and cheap. Thanks again
Amie-Rose LongAmie-Rose Long
21:52 08 Nov 23
Great service, super quick and friendly, fast turnaround and professional results. I completely recommend them 🙂
Mira LouMira Lou
11:01 30 Oct 23
Ed JohnstonEd Johnston
10:11 29 Oct 23
Great clothes wash service. Picked up and delivered as promised. We used them twice and were pleased both times
Kenny EvansKenny Evans
18:03 27 Oct 23
Awesome service, responsive, professional, and all of a good price. Would absolutely recommend!
Joanna DudleyJoanna Dudley
16:38 25 Oct 23
An inexpensive AND quality service finally in Berlin.
13:42 25 Oct 23
Awesome service!! WirWaschen saved us a lot of time/struggle during a stressful move while waiting for our washing machine installation. Pickup/delivery was punctual and quick, clothes were sorted and folded nicely (+ smelled great). 10/10
Gerardo NavasGerardo Navas
11:50 25 Oct 23
WirWaschen is a must in every major city in Europe. Excellent, accurate service at reasonable price. Our thanks to Felix and staff for such a well organized initiative. I trust this will be the first of many more, as it solves a big issue for travelers on long trips.
James SiekerJames Sieker
11:08 25 Oct 23
Fast. Excellent communication. Great service. I had been traveling for a while and needed to get my clothing washed. WirWaschen, came up on a Google search. I am very pleased and would highly recommend this company.
17:04 17 Oct 23
So happy to have found this place!! Used it 4 times by now and was very pleased each time! An excellent solution for our laundry needs.Laundry smells great, easy to book the service, easy payment, reasonable prices, friendly carriers. Everything is clear and precise.I highly recommend!
Paul Burke GuitarPaul Burke Guitar
14:40 17 Oct 23
Perfect service!As a visitor of Berlin, WirWaschen collected and returned my washing directly via my hotel accommodation. They were fast and their communication was very clear.
12:29 15 Oct 23
Just great.
Paul RostPaul Rost
11:32 13 Oct 23
Everything was great, gladly again
Diane CrawfordDiane Crawford
23:22 08 Oct 23
Perfect. They provide a good service at a reasonable price, and show up when they say they will. Much better than hotel laundry!
Marcus ÖmanMarcus Öman
07:52 06 Oct 23
Quick and easy! Very good service
07:47 06 Oct 23
If I could I would give more stars 🌟!I first wanted to ask over the phone whether large quilts were also washed. I couldn't reach anyone at that moment. But 20 minutes came promptly. I later received a call back with all the information, much to my delight.I am severely disabled and can hardly walk, so a good laundry service is very important to me.And I booked immediately.It's a real pleasure to drop off my laundry at "wirwaschen". I have rarely experienced such a nice pick-up and drop-off service. The blankets also smelled nice and clean.So not only suitable for WGS but also a huge everyday relief for disabled people. And the price is completely reasonable, after all this is a service company!!!! You even came to my area, which is much further away.I'm just grateful for it and will become a regular customer here.
James HarrisJames Harris
00:09 06 Oct 23
17:46 04 Oct 23
Nice service, everything worked great and smell was nice and decent. The service was incredible nice, called me even back to discuss better return dates.The pricing policy was a bit intransparent in my point of view, the fact that there is a minimum price is only visible very late in the payment process. I can only recommend this for families/flat mates with >= 3 People.
Stan IvanovStan Ivanov
16:26 04 Oct 23
Gerke GersemaGerke Gersema
10:35 04 Oct 23
We use WirWashen from time to time when the pile of laundry is too big. Collection and delivery are really very convenient and the drivers are really nice every time.
Nicole BianchiNicole Bianchi
09:56 04 Oct 23
Good price for the amount of clothes washed, very good and fast service. The employee who picked up the clothes was nice and friendly, and spoke English. Clothes come back to you neatly folded. Now I just wish they did dry cleaning too!
Margaret-Ellen DonovanMargaret-Ellen Donovan
09:39 04 Oct 23
Absolutely fantastic service, super quick, very reasonably priced as the turn around for clothes is the next day!I have mixed up my days but my clothes were picked up as they were still in my area and checked to see if it suited me. Great communication and the detergent smells lovely!Have recommended them to so many people who missed this kind of service!
Maria RudeykoMaria Rudeyko
13:59 30 Sep 23
Sarah EmmerichSarah Emmerich
17:47 14 Sep 23
Thank you for your service, that's exactly what I needed - especially with a small baby at home. 🙂 Great idea & great implementation! I've always been satisfied so far.
Patrick TomkinsonPatrick Tomkinson
08:21 31 Aug 23
Great service, I would use this over hotel prices every time.
L BielerL Bieler
17:39 30 Aug 23
Smells good. Looks pretty clean! All there. On time!!!!! Wow!!!!
Laura HartLaura Hart
21:44 23 Aug 23
We were in Berlin for a week at the end of a long trip and we’re running out of clean clothes. We found Wir Waschen and the service was outstanding. We arranged pick up from our hotel (just left the laundry at the front desk) & 24 hours later we had clean clothes delivered at a very fair (albeit introductory) price. The communication throughout was top notch — we were kept in the loop at all times as to the status of our laundry. And,as a bonus, the returned clothing was folded so perfectly & so much more compact than we could do it that re-packing to come home was a breeze and we returned home with clean clothes. Perfect! I hope this becomes a company throughout Europe.
Sebastian VogtSebastian Vogt
19:21 16 Aug 23
Everything was great, gladly again!
Hannes SchwagerHannes Schwager
14:33 14 Jul 23
Great service! Used twice and very happy
Lars SchulzLars Schulz
10:07 06 Jul 23
Great service and handling. Finally a huge relief for the household. Thanks to the great team!
Du DaDu Da
10:06 06 Jul 23
Clean thing! - uncomplicated cleaning of our clothes, very pleasant service ☺️
Hannah LindstedtHannah Lindstedt
12:55 05 Jul 23
Great service, very reliable

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