We give an overview of laundry services in Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow

Who offers laundry services in Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow?

When the laundry needs cleaning again and you're looking for alternatives to washing at home, there are different options:

Online laundry service with pickup and delivery

WirWaschen is a laundry service that can be booked. Wirwaschen picks up the laundry. It is then washed, dried and folded and returned at the agreed time. The prices are simple and transparent, as it is charged by weight at the price of 3.99€ per kilogram.

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Dry cleaners

There are several dry cleaners in Prenzlauer Berg and Pankow. These service providers wash, dry and iron your clothes. This solution is usually relatively expensive, as each piece of clothing is charged individually (e.g. 4.00€ per pair of pants or 1.50€ per pair of underpants).

Unfortunately, customers have to bring and pick up their laundry bags themselves.


Those who wish to do their own washing can use a laundromat. There are washing machines and dryers available, which can be used for a fee. Washing and drying a load of laundry, including washing powder, usually costs between €7.00 and €10.00.

For people who have a lot of time and like to wash and fold their own laundry, a laundromat is a good solution - if there is one nearby.

Dry cleaners and laundry services in Pankow and Prenzlauer Berg

Laundromats in Pankow and Prenzlauer Berg