How should professional companies clean their mops?

Mops are not only used by cleaning companies and janitor services: many companies mop their own floors and have to clean the mops or cloths regularly. They should not use a standard washing machine, as these are not designed for the high dirt accumulation of mops and will soon have clogged components. Instead, special mop washing machines that are designed for the load are recommended:

  • The mops are washed efficiently in one wash cycle
  • The textiles are protected and can be used for longer
  • Special wash programs for cleaning textiles meet high hygiene standards and remove not only dirt but also viruses and bacteria
  • Tumble dryers efficiently dry the mops to a degree of dryness that allows them to be used again straight away

Save time and worry with the WirWaschen laundry service

WirWaschen already takes care of the washing of mops, cloths and other textiles for many companies:

  • The laundry is collected by WirWaschen
  • It is professionally washed, dried and (if necessary) folded
  • It will be delivered on the requested date
  • The prices are fair and transparent with invoicing based on weight or quantity

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